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Union's statement - February 2018

Brothers and Sisters,

Please see blow the Union's statement regarding the announcement yesterday by the BC Passenger Transportation Board regarding routes eliminations and reductions in BC.

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Brewster update - November 2017

A count was held today, November 24th, 2017, at the Union Office in regard to the Brewster's contract offer of November 13th, 2017. Please see the results below. Going forward, we will notify the membership when new negotiation meetings are scheduled. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the Union Office at (866) 255-1374 or your Sub-Local Chairperson, Al Bernard.

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Calgary Greyhound Alumni Luncheon (December 1, 2017) - October 2017

Come and have lunch with us and 100 of your closest friends! It's time for the Annual Calgary Greyhound Alumni Luncheon, happening on December 1, 2017 at 12:00 noon, at the Buffet Yangtze. Details below:

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BC Retirees Christmas Party - October 2017

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Tommy Douglas Memorial Scholarship for 2018 - October 2017

Here is the information regarding the Tommy Douglas Memorial Scholarship for 2018.

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Letter on the BC Business Review of Greyhound Canada - September 2017

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Your Local 1374 leaders are proceeding with court action and demanding that STC bargain seriously. Now it's time for you, the members, to bring the fight to every terminal, every bus, and every stop that STC serves!

To save STC - and our careers - we need to help organize the growing chorus of community leaders and riders who are rallying against these cruel cuts.

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Saskatchewan provincial government is closing the doors at STC - March 2017

Brothers and Sisters, we were shocked, appalled and dismayed by the news that after 70 years of continual service in Saskatchewan, the provincial government has decided to shutter STC as of May 31, 2017. We are all still reeling from this distressing news, as are our 200+ members that are affected by this poorly made decision.

The Saskatchewan Transportation Company has, for 70 years, provided bus and freight service to rural communities in Saskatchewan, solely for the benefit of the people of Saskatchewan and has consistently ranked in the high 90's in customer satisfaction, something rarely heard of in this day and age. As a Crown property, unlike privately owned corporation, they were not only beholden to profit, but to continuously provide safe and invaluable inter-city transit to those who lived outside the major cities. This respected service allowed for seniors to continue to live in their smaller communities, and those who needed specialist medical treatment to avail themselves of the bus when travelling from outside of Regina or Saskatoon to appointments.

This is a difficult time and we will hold this government to account. To quote then STC Minister Jennifer Campeau in the company's 2016 annual report:

"By linking communities, people and businesses, STC serves the customer and the shareholder. STC provides citizens with access to essential services in larger and rural communities. Entrepreneurs across the province have access to shipping services that can supply parts or distribute products, expanding markets beyond their local community."



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Greyhound Canada and GoodLife Corporate Fitness have invested in your health & wellness! - March 2017

Greyhound Canada and GoodLife Corporate Fitness are offering a special member preferred rate for all Greyhound Employees and Retirees of only $429.00 for 1 full year.

For more information, please see the files below. If you need help to register, please contact GoodLife Corporate Fitness at 1-800-287-4631 or Annette Kells, Greyhound Canada at 1-289-288-0132.

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Calgary Greyhound Retirees Christmas Party - December 2016

A note from Gord and Richard:

We hope everyone enjoyed our Christmas Lunch and were able to see and talk to old friends. We wish you and your family a very Happy and Healthy Christmas Season.

Please follow this link to the photos from this year's event: http://photoshare.shaw.ca/view/1115954568-1480904215-42262/

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BC Greyhound Retirees Christmas Party - December 2016

A note from Vancouver Retiree George Cameron:
 The 44 retired greyhound drivers and wives celebrated their 13th annual Christmas dinner at the roadhouse Grill in Surrey in November. It was great to see so many of our past working colleagues enjoying a wonderful evening together.
 For the past 13 years, these dinners have been organized by Marilyn Scott the wife of John Scott in Surrey. This event has been held at many venues, but we have found a home at the Roadside Grill. It is not only the home for the Christmas parties but has been used for the birthday parties and anniversaries of the drivers themselves and their spouses.
 I would encourage other regions to also celebrate Christmas with the retired drivers and spouses around Canada. Last year, I was able to attend the Calgary Greyhound Retirees Luncheon and got to see so many of the drivers there. With so many of our drivers creeping up in old age we often wonder are they going to be there next year.
 That is why we are working with Marilyn to have a summer get together as well in June or July of 2017. This way possibly some of the folks from outside the area that are visiting could possibly attend this gathering as well.
 Marilyn would like to thank all of those who attended this year's event. We look forward to our summer one and the 14th annual Christmas party in 2017. Merry Christmas and all the best to you and your family over the holidays.

Christmas Vancouver 2016 Christmas Vancouver 2016 Christmas Vancouver 2016 Christmas Vancouver 2016 Christmas Vancouver 2016 Christmas Vancouver 2016 Christmas Vancouver 2016 Christmas Vancouver 2016 Christmas Vancouver 2016

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Greyhound CPAY information - November 2016

Greyhound has provided the following information for our members on how to log into the CPAY system at work to check on their pay. If you are having issues or have questions, please contact your local manager for help. If you log into your account and notice any work missing, please re-submit a pay claim immediately through your local manager. This information is also available on our facebook page.

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Scholarship from the International update - October 2016

Brothers and Sisters, here is the updated information in regards to the 2017 Arthur Burke/Angus MacFarlane Memorial Scholarship. This can be printed from the attached pdf.

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ATU1374 Financial Secretary Treasurer honoured - October 2013

We are privileged to announce that our very own Financial Secretary Treasurer, Amanda West, was honoured at the ATU International Convention by International Secretary Treasurer Oscar Owens for Excellence in Financial Reporting. Congratulations, Amanda, we are all very proud of you! Thank you for your diligence and all that you do for our local and membership!

ATU1374 FST Award ATU1374 FST Award ATU1374 FST Award ATU1374 FST Award

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Spring Newsletter - April 2016

The latest edition is here!

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Regarding the renewal of driver's licenses in the province of Alberta - April 2016

The Province of Alberta has announced that it will no longer mail a reminder letter regarding the renewal of driver's licenses or vehicle registration. The Province has begun sending out electronic reminders via email for registration, licence and identification card renewals. Albertans with disabilities will continue to receive reminders in the mail. Seniors over the age of 70 will continue to receive mailed reminders until April 1, 2017.

Here are a few options that allow you to sign up to receive a reminder when it is time to renew wither your driver's licence or registration:

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Western Actuarial Valuation - September 2015

A replacement for the Western Actuarial Valuation is now available in the documents section.

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Update to the Defined Benefit Employee Self Service (ESS) Website - July 2015

GCTULC Members:

Your GCTULC Defined Benefit pension estimate website has been updated with new and improved features. Effective June 30, 2015, the new site is operational.


Before accessing the site, you will need to create your User ID. Follow the instructions on the site.

If you have any questions please contact Greyhound Pension Services Phone: 1-866-682-3551.

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Ballot count for GCTULC - August 2014

ATU 1374

Negotiation Update - June 2014

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B.C. Retirement Party - April 2014

The B.C. Retirement Party for David Cole, Keith Bridges, Bill Pankiw, Milt Peterson, Fern Morin. Congratulations to each of you and best wishes on your retirement!
The retirement dinner was held at The Days Inn and Conference Centre in Penticton, B.C on April 5, 2014. Attending for the Union were FST Amanda West and BC Executive Board Member Doug Wrench. Attending for Greyhound were Keith Lacroix, Dave Robson and Rick Peterson.

B.C. Retirement Party 2014 B.C. Retirement Party 2014 B.C. Retirement Party 2014 B.C. Retirement Party 2014 B.C. Retirement Party 2014 B.C. Retirement Party 2014

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New Book Off Request Procedure for Greyhound Operators - October 2013

A new procedure for all Greyhound operators to request a book off will start October 8 2013.

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GCTULC Retirement Party Regina - April 2103

The retirees are, in no particular order: George Fisher, Walter Rotinsky, Joey Peters, Bob Craig, Bernie Mullie and Grant Sharman. Missing was: Clyde Taylor.

The retirement dinner was held at Golf's Steak House in Regina on April 30, 2013.

Attending for the Union were PBA Eric Carr and Saskatchewan EBM Gerry Kovacs. Attending for Greyhound were: Peter Hamel and Maurice Carriere.

GCTULC Retirement Party - Regina 2103 GCTULC Retirement Party - Regina 2103 GCTULC Retirement Party - Regina 2103 GCTULC Retirement Party - Regina 2103 GCTULC Retirement Party - Regina 2103 GCTULC Retirement Party - Regina 2103 GCTULC Retirement Party - Regina 2103

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Deadheading Buses - 23 March, 2012

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Pensioner Verification Letters - 20 January, 2012

Please find attached a copy of the Pensioner Verification letters that were mailed to Greyhound Western Plan Pensioners on January 6, 2012 by Towers Watson. The first is a letter for pensioners who are receiving a joint and/or survivor pension and the second letter is for all other pensioners. If you haven't received a copy of this letter from Towers Watson in the mail, please download, print and fill out copies for yourself. In the event that Towers Watson does not receive confirmation from a pensioner before the deadline of February 6, they will be sending two further letters at monthly intervals before any payments are suspended. Towers Watson recognizes that some of the pensioners could be snowbirds and they will take this into consideration before suspending any payments. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Towers Watson directly at 1-866-682-3551.

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Important news for Alberta Operators - July 11, 2011

ATU 1374

Union dues adjustment - June 27, 2011

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Attention Greyhound Post Retirees

If you worked as a Post Retiree during the 2010 calendar year and have not received your TL2 form (Claims for Meals and Lodging Expenses) from Greyhound Payroll, please contact this office immediately so that we can work on having the situation rectified as quickly as possible.

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Letter to members about Greyhound reductions in bus services & Airdrie Transit running trips - October 13, 2010

ATU 1374

Letter to members about the contract talks with Greyhound - September 2, 2010

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