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ATU 1374 Bylaws, Constitution, General Laws & Membership Form:

* Original Signed Copy of this Obligation must be forwarded to the Financial Secretary Treasurer of ATU Local 1374. A digital copy of the "deduction authorization" is to be forwarded to the appropriate employer's payroll department for their records.

* The Member's Social Insurance number is required. This is not optional. This card must be signed in all three (3) locations and the obligation must be filled out. All information is required to register the member with ATU International.

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Grievance Form:

* Please fill out a Grievance Fact Sheet and keep it with the Grievance file as it is advanced up the steps in the grievance procedures.

* When filling out the Grievance form, in the "grievance number field", please use the following formula: Division, Occupation, Last Name of Griever and the date; for example: "VAN OP Doe 01/01/13" or "WPG GCX Smith 02/17/13".

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Shop Steward Information:

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Collective Agreements:

  1. STC Collective Agreements:
  2. Brewster Collective Agreements:
  3. Red Deer Transit Collective Agreements:
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Expense forms:

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Greyhound Retiree Benefit Booklet and Information:

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